Dear Parents and Students,

I again want to thank all of you for your hard work over the past couple of months as we all came together to make the most out of distant learning.  For the most part, last week was the last week of new material.  This week, May 11-14, will be used to put the final touches on the school year, as well as to allow students to get caught up on any remaining assignments.  Next week, May 18-20, will be used for student checkout, including bringing back school-owned textbooks, iPads, and computers.  I have included the guidelines that we will use for next week’s checkout.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school. 


Kelly Messmer



 *Your time is according to your LAST NAME.

*Please stick to your designated time slot for return, as we are trying to limit the number of students in the building at one time.

*Please make sure you bring all of the school owned material including textbooks, computers, iPads, and any other school owned materials that you currently have back to school.  Also bring a backpack, sack, etc. with you to take home any belongings that you still have remaining at school, including anything in lockers.

*Please enter through the main doors of the school.  Please visit with Mr. Messmer and Mr. Ginsbach   in the commons area as we will give you directions on how to proceed from there.

*We thank all of you for your patience, understanding, and cooperation during the past couple of months.  You have all done a tremendous job of working with our teachers and staff to make the most out of this difficult situation.


Monday, May 18 8:00-10:00              Last Names Starting With A-B

Monday, May 18 10:30-12:30            Last Names Starting With C-D

Monday, May 18 1:00-3:00                Last Names Starting With F-G

Tuesday, May 19 8-10:00                    Last Names Starting With H-K

Tuesday, May 19 10:30-12:30            Last Names Starting With L

Tuesday, May 19 1:00-3:00                 Last Names Starting With M-P

Wednesday, May 20 8:00-10:00        Last Names Starting With R-S          

Wednesday, May 20 10:30-12:30      Last Names Starting With T-W