Statewide “Light Up The Night” in Harding County 

On March 30, 2020, Sioux Falls came together to light up the night. The purpose was to show support and appreciation for healthcare workers here and around the world; to spread hope to those who are sick during this pandemic; and to honor businesses that have closed their doors, people who have lost their jobs, and those who are struggling with mental health. The event was an overwhelming success.  The event has been replicated around the state to include graduating seniors as well as all students who have seen their senior year and school year abruptly end.

As a result, organizer Tony Erickson decided to take the event statewide. “These are trying times for everyone whether you’re a frontline worker, someone who is sick, a business owner that is hurting, or a person trying to work from home and help your children learn,” said Erickson. “But, as South Dakotans, we are strong, we are resilient, and we’re good at being there for one another.”

On or about the night of May 1st, residents, communities, schools, and businesses across the state are invited to go outside to “let it shine.”  The Harding County School District, Harding County Chamber of Commerce, Harding County Sheriff’s Department, Harding County Ambulance, and the fire departments from Buffalo, Camp Crook Ludlow, Reva, and Redig have all come together to make May 1st a night to remember.  Josh Page, Harding County Superintendent explains, “The affects the Coronavirus has had on everyone throughout the county, state, and nation is something none of us have ever seen before.  There are so many people that have been negatively affected by this terrible situation including individuals, students, businesses, and industries throughout the county.  It is important to give a shout out to everyone and let them know we appreciate everything they are doing as well as to let them know we are proud of all of them.”

The following are things that are planned for this Friday, May 1st

First and foremost, safety is encouraged!  This is not an invitation for people to gather in large groups as social distancing is a must.  We thank everyone for following these guidelines!

 *Harding County Sheriff’s Department, Harding County Ambulance Service, and area fire departments will parade through every street in Buffalo starting at 8:30.  Town residents are asked to come out of their houses and to show their support as the parade goes by their house by turning on yard lights, turning on flashlights, or putting up different house and yard lights.     

 *Harding County residents who live out of town are welcome to join the parade behind the emergency vehicles.  If they wish to join the parade, please line up at the rodeo arena/football field parking lot at 8:15.  You are also welcome to park by the rodeo arena/football or in the old gym parking lot if you would just like to watch the parade.  We ask that you stay in your cars and practice social distancing if you choose to watch the parade. 

*After the parade, please go to the Harding County School District Facebook Page or the Harding County School District webpage ( to watch various tribute videos put together by teachers, administrators, chamber members, health care providers, and first responders.  These videos will be posted at 9:30 pm on Friday.

We look forward to a wonderful event on May 1st!