Class “B” State Champions

Football – 1993 and 2012

Volleyball – 2001-02 and 2002-03

Class “B” State Participation

Boys Basketball (1991-8th, 1992-7th, 1993-4th, 2002-8th, 2011-8th)

Boys Track (1992-6th, 1993-8th, 1998-2nd)

Football (1993-State Champs; 1992, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2010 – Runner-Up, 2012-State Champs)

Girls Basketball (2001-2nd, 2003-3rd, 2005-8th, 2006-7th, 2008-3rd, 2009-4th)

Girls Track (1985-7th, 1992-5th)

Volleyball (1992-8th, 1998-7th, 1999-5th, 2000-7th, 2001-3rd, 2001-02-1st, 2002-03-1st, 2003-8th, 2007-5th, 2008-7th, 2010-7th, 2013-8th, 2014-8th)

Wresting (1995-8th, 1998-7th, 1999-4th, 2000-3rd, 2001-7th, 2002-8th, 2003-3rd, 2004-5th)

Spirit of Six – 1993